• The new ADF P100 gives you everything in a compact cabinet. Although compact and cost-effective, the P100 features the same excellent cutting-edge performance as its bigger ADF P300 family member.
  • The ADF P200 is the world's fastest active filter. It can eliminate harmonic problems up to the 100th harmonic and works well in even very resonant grids.
  • The ADF P300 is the ideal active filter for small and medium size commercial and industrial loads.
  • The ADF P700 STATCOM is a high power, utility grade, medium voltage STATCOM for heavy industrial loads.
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Products Overview

ADF Active Harmonic Filter – the Smarter Power Technology

ADF Active Harmonic Filters provide powerful and cost-efficient optimization of the power flow in a wide array of applications within generation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. By removing behaviours that lead to losses and disruptions, ADF Active Harmonic Filters instantly lower operational cost through energy savings, improve equipment efficiency and minimize the load on power lines making them capable of supplying an increased demand for energy.

ADF Active Harmonic Filter Product Range

Our ADF Active Harmonic Filter product range consists of four main product families:

Each one of them targeting different power levels in commercial and industrial applications in the low and medium voltage segments.

Designed for High Performance and Reliability

All ADF products are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications using latest state-of-the-art technologies in IGBT power switching semiconductors and digital signal processing hardware to obtain high performance and accurate control.

The ADF products exhibit very low losses. Low losses mean improved reliability and longer component life, as well a larger energy savings for the compensated load or process. Further, cooling requirements are reduced, which reduces the size and weight of the unit, positively affecting the total cost of ownership.

All models are delivered with built-in automatic overload protection and extensive software controlled monitoring functions, which guarantees system safety and reliability under all operating conditions.

Power Quality through Active Filter Products

Comsys AB offers a wide range of products and solutions to create increased Power Quality. We provide Active Harmonic Filters that reliably mitigates harmonics and also effectively compensates voltage dips as well as reactive power. Our Low Harmonic Drives can significantly reduce unwanted line harmonics. Harmonics Compensation is important as the requirements on increased Power Quality is getting tougher. All the Comsys ADF products are designed and also manufactured to the highest specifications using latest state-of-the-art technologies. Examples of our products are the ADF P700 STATCOM, a high power STATCOM for heavy industrial loads, and the ADF P100, ADF P200 and ADF P300 series. Contact us!